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Bodies of Nature

Bodies of Nature

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This book examines the embodied nature of people's experience in, and of, the modern world. It is therefore part of the deep-seated `turn towards the body', which has been such a pronounced feature of sociology in the last two decades. The book argues that bodies in nature are subject to novel, complex and contradictory opportunities of freedom and escape, surveillance and monitoring, and guides readers through the various ways in which these bodily opportunities and constraints are temporally and spatially organized and managed.
Phil Macnaghten and John Urry
Bodies of Nature

Nigel Clark
'Botanizing on the Asphalt'
The Complex Life of Cosmopolitan Bodies

Nigel Thrift
Still Life in the Nearly Present Time
The Object of Nature

Neil Lewis
The Climbing Body, Nature and the Experience of Modernity
Tim Edensor
Walking in the British Countryside
Reflexivity, Embodied Practices and Ways to Escape

Mike Michael
These Boots Are Made for Walking...
Mundane Technology, the Body and Human-Environment Relations

David Bell and Ruth Holliday
Naked as Nature Intended
David Matless
Action and Noise over a Hundred Years
The Making of a Nature Region

Phil Macnaghten and John Urry
Bodies in the Woods
Tim Ingold and Terhi Kurttila
Perceiving the Environment in Finnish Lapland

Phil Macnaghten

Phil Macnaghten is a human geographer with broad interests in the governance of science and technology, responsible innovation, the sociology of the environment, deliberative methodology and discourse analysis. His early research focused on the cultural dimensions of environmental policy and their intersection with everyday practice. He developed a form of engaged scholarship, combining conceptual work with critical policy development in the domains of rural policy, sustainability policy, technology policy, forestry policy and environmental behaviour change. This work has been taken forward in recent years through an Institute of Advanced... More About Author

John Urry

His main research in recent years has been in advocating and developing a new paradigm for the social sciences, the new mobilities paradigm More About Author

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