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Beyond Appearances?

Beyond Appearances?
Visual Practices and Ideologies in Modern India

First Edition
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March 2003 | 412 pages | SAGE India
`Beyond Appearances? provides a dynamic fourm for the main exponents of the anthropological turn in studies of South Asian popular visual culture, and will prove an inspiration for a generation of emerging scholars' - The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute


A striking feature of modern-day society is the ubiquity of visuals and images in everyday life. The 11 essays in this book analyse the material and political impact of a wide array of artefacts, media, and habits with the aim of understanding the principal contours of the visual practices and ideologies that distinguish an Indian modern. Recognising the enormous power contained within images to transform and mobilise self and community, the contributors focus on a variety of visual media including fine art and calendar art, theatre and popular cinema, photography, documentary films and propaganda videos, and maps. In the process, they also examine the inter-visual dialogue between these diverse media, exploring their underlying technologies of production and modalities of circulation and exchange.

Sumathi Ramaswamy
Partha Mitter
Mechanical Reproduction and the World of the Colonial Artist
Kajri Jain
More Than Meets the Eye: The Circulation of Images and the Embodiment of Value
Philip Lutgendorf
Evolving a Monkey: Hanuman, Poster art and Postcolonial Anxiety
Christopher Pinney
'A Secret of Their Own Country': Or, How Indian Nationalism Made Itself Irrefutable
Sumathi Ramaswamy
Visualising India's Geo-Body: Globes, Maps, Bodyscapes
Patricia Uberoi
'Unity in Diversity'? : Dilemmas of Nationhood in Indian Calendar Art
Srirupa Roy
Moving Pictures: The Postcolonial State and Visual Representations of India
Christiane Brosius
Hindutva intervisuality: Videos and the Politics of Representation
Woodman Taylor
Penetrating Gazes: The Poetics of Sight and Visual Display in Popular Indian Cinema
Anne Hardgrove
Merchant Houses as Spectacles of Modernity in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu
Sandria B Freitag
The Realm of the Visual: Agency and Modern Civil Society

Sumathi Ramaswamy

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