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Being a Teacher

Being a Teacher
The trainee teacher's guide to developing the personal and professional skills you need

June 2021 | 152 pages | Learning Matters
There are many elements to learning how to be a teacher.  As well as developing subject knowledge for teaching and building practical classroom skills, new teachers must develop the personal professional skills and behaviours needed to Be a Teacher. 

This book outlines the skills and behaviours involved in Being in Teacher and explores how to develop these attributes and build your teacher identity.  It supports you to:
·        enhance your personal effectiveness and your teaching;
·        understand the importance of communication and learn to communicate with clarity;
·        realise that your reality creates the classroom environment;
·        create a positive and purposeful learning adventure.
Why do we need to think creatively about teaching?
The map is not the territory
All teaching is communication
Understanding behaviour
Flexibility is key
The teacher you think you are is the one you will be
Reflecting on reflection
Managing the roles we play
Communities of discovery
In teaching and learning, everything is connected

appropriate for level 5 trainees but not for level 7 postgraduate. helpful staff resource to encourage wider reading and synthesis of theory to practice

Ms karen lowe
Education, Bolton University
June 20, 2022

A very practical, accessible and useful text for all our student teachers.

Mrs Nanna Ryder
School of Early Years (Carmarthen), University of Wales, Trinity St David
August 8, 2022

An important text to support the development of professional behaviours and teacher identity.

Mr Gary Pykitt
School of Education, Birmingham City University
August 30, 2023

Carol Thompson

Carol Thompson is a Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education at the University of Bedfordshire. An experienced teacher and researcher, she has a focus on developing teacher agency and creativity.  Her current role is focussed on designing and supporting programmes for teachers in post-compulsory education and she is an active member of the Institute of Research in Education. More About Author

Peter Wolstencroft

Peter Wolstencroft is an Associate Professor at Liverpool John Moores University. A firm believer in the transformative power of education, his recent work has looked to encourage innovation education. An active researcher and blogger, he has written on topics as diverse as digital literacy and educational leadership, the common thread in all his work being that education can transform lives. More About Author