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Behaviour Management with Young Children

Behaviour Management with Young Children
Crucial First Steps with Children 3-7 years

First Edition

176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In an accessible and practical way, this book explores behavior management in the crucial early years of schooling. Behavior management expert Bill Rogers and early childhood educator Elizabeth McPherson focus on how a teacher can establish a relationship with a new class, and explore essential skills in detail through a wide range of case studies. The authors cover all major topics, including:

  • Challenging student behavior
  • Positive discipline practices
  • Behavior recovery practices
  • Helping students with special behavioral needs
  • How colleagues can support day-to-day teaching
  • Setting up and maintaining a whole-class behavior agreement

Behaviour Management with Young Children is an essential book for all early childhood educators, support staff, and school leaders.

The Critical First Days and First Week
Transition to On-Task Learning Time
Developing a Whole-Class Student Behaviour Agreement
Developing a Teacher Management Plan
Helping Students Manage Their Behaviour
Children with Special Behaviour Needs
Working with Parents Using the Classroom Behaviour Agreement

'An easy read just packed full of good ideas! Some of the ideas are ones i already do so this reinforced that i'm doing the 'right thing' while additional ideas are practical and easy to put in place and work!' - Amazon Customer Review

`What a privilege to read a book written by the person that has had the most impact on my classroom teaching and the whole ethos of our school. Behaviour Management with Young Children brings together Bill's insight into behaviour management and Elizabeth's understanding of young children and has resulted in a practical and realistic behaviour management manual that will be easily accessible to teachers in the early years…I shall be recommending it to all my teaching and support staff as essential reading' - Debbie Hoy, Headteacher, Brookland Infant & Nursery School, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

`As headteacher of an Infant and Nursery School with children from 3-7 years old, Bill and Elizabeth's book is what we have been waiting for. A comprehensive guide to the effective behaviour management of our youngest children, it will be essential reading for all our staff…This is a book which can easily be read from cover to cover, as it is difficult to put down, but for busy practitioners it is equally useful to dip into if you want help with a specific aspect of behaviour management. [The] approaches are firmly based on sound theory and what works with children, and Elizabeth clearly describes the practical and effective application of those ideas in the earliest years of education. The book is a delight to read and will be a constant source of inspiration and guidance to us all' - Cathy Whalen, Headteacher, Mousehold Infant and Nursery School, Norwich, Norfolk

`With their feet firmly planted in the reality of the classroom Bill and Elizabeth show how subtle changes to everyday interchanges between adults and pupils can have an enormous impact upon pupil success. It is amazing how simple yet effective the strategies outlined here are. The ideas and concepts shared in the book are accessible to all staff and we can all recognise some of ourselves and our pupils in Bill's delightful illustrations. This book will make a difference not only to the behaviour of pupils but also to the sanity of teachers. It is a must for every staff room!' - Jane Bellamy, Headteacher, Wold Newton School, Wold Newton, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire

I recommend this book because it is specifically about behaviour management from 3-7 years, which is the age range of the course. The book supports teaching students from their first day in a class and includes strategies to use with children who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Mrs Lisa MacGregor
Faculty of Education (Carlisle), University of Cumbria
February 28, 2014

A great book with effective behaviour techniques to use in the classroom environment

Ms Alison Stevenson
Early years & young people, North West Regional college
November 8, 2013

Very useful, practical book for those in early years education.

Ms Fiona Jennings
Dept of Education, St Angela's College
October 1, 2013

to support all trainee teachers with essential knowledge

Miss Anita Chamberlain
Faculty of Education (Lancaster), University of Cumbria
July 11, 2013

Highyl recommended. Bill Rogers never fails to amuse and inofrm - behaviour management with a realistic approach.

Ms Karen Freeman
BCPH, Northbrook College Sussex
June 27, 2012

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Bill Rogers

Dr. Bill Rogers taught for many years before becoming an education consultant and author; he lectures widely on behaviour management, discipline, effective teaching, stress management and teacher welfare across the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Bill also works as a mentor-teacher, team-teaching in challenging schools. He is well aware of the challenges of teacher leadership in schools today.Bill read theology at Ridley College Melbourne University, then psychology and education also at Melbourne University. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Education, Honorary Life Fellow of All Saints and Trinity College, Leeds... More About Author

Elizabeth McPherson