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Behavior Modification in the Human Services

Behavior Modification in the Human Services
A Systematic Introduction to Concepts and Applications

Third Edition

368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides an up-to-date and practical approach to the concepts and applications of behaviour modification and features an innovative framework for integrating those concepts within the social services.

Clinical examples drawn from eight in-depth case studies and a chapter new to this Third Edition on the cognitive behavioural approach affords viable access to significant influences currently in the field. Surpassing similar texts in its coverage of behaviour assessment, treatment planning and evaluation, this volume's clear and concise presentation make it indispensable reading.

Specifying Behavior
Positive Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement Contingencies
Schedules of Reinforcement
Shaping and Response Differentiation
Stimulus Control
Discrimination and Generalization

Conditioned Reinforcement and Chaining
Modeling and Imitation
Negative Reinforcement
Respondent Conditioning
Cognitive Behavior Modification
Transfer of Change
Elements of Behavioral Assessment
Conducting a Behavioral Assessment
Intervention Planning and Evaluation

Sandra Stone Sundel

Martin Sundel