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Becoming a Teaching Assistant

Becoming a Teaching Assistant
A Guide for Teaching Assistants and Those Working With Them

First Edition

October 2003 | 154 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book is a course text for teaching assistants. It aims to help students make the transition into undergraduate level study. It is also a teaching and learning resource for students and tutors on undergraduate programs.

The authors introduce students to the requirements that their degree programs will make and explore issues such as behavior management and national curriculum strategies. This will help readers to engage with the material in a way that is appropriate to Higher Education study.

The book draws on the experiences of teaching assistants and is grounded in the day-to-day practices of professionals working with young people in schools. Theoretical concepts are explored as being crucial to developing learning support and teaching skills. The authors' aim is to help students understand essential theory, and to provide a practical support throughout their studies.

I Never Thought I'd Be Here, But Here I Am
Preparing for Your Course
Developing as a Learner
Succeeding and Growing in Confidence
Developing Study Skills
Personal Organisation and Expectations
Meeting Assessment Criteria
Implementing National Strategies
Do We Know What We Mean?

Thinking About Behaviour Management
Finding a Place in the Professional Landscape
Moving On

Becoming a Teaching Assistant recognizes the rapidly changing world of TAs. It highlights the importance of their role in teaching and learning whilst emphasising the need to nurture them as they embark upon more considered and structured professional development. It sets out to support all TAs, not just those who wish to use higher academic qualifications as a route into teaching.

Journal In-Service Education

A book founded in considerable experience… tackling the higher education experience itself: how to keep organized… advice is always valuable for people returning to learning at whatever level.

Gerald Haigh
Times Educational Supplement

I thought the book was a valuable tool for Teaching Assistants attending any training either at FE or HE. I am doing an on-line degree myself. I started to read the book after my first assignment went in but once I started to read the book I really wished that I had read it a lot sooner. The way it gently builds the learner up to thinking about professional development, then applying for courses is exactly what is needed.

I also like the key areas the book homes in on when going through HE or FE, looking at time management not only form a work perspective but from the home environment too. The guidance on building confidence, developing study skills are essential to any learner who is new to this sort of environment. The progression the book takes you through developing your own reading and writing this is something every learner needs support with.

For any TA or learner looking at Professional Development as a Teaching Assistant this is a book that I would use and find very valuable.

Carole Tonner
Middlesbrough Teacher Learning Centre

This book is aimed at all TAs who are undertaking undergraduate-level programmes such as CPPLS, CAPPLS, CEP or a Foundation Degree. A TA on the CEP course states: …it's probably the best book on the subject I've read … it's full of useful tips.

East Riding of Yorkshire's TA Newsletter

The text is made extremely accessible by the inclusion of plenty of case study material and there's a nice combination of practical advice and illustrative text. A feature of the book is the tasks or activities that are suggested to the reader. It's likely that these are most likely to be used by training providers than individuals, but that would be a shame as there are many activities that would help to provide a structure for personal reflection and development.

TA Help Website

The book is littered with real-life examples, it will be hard to think of a scenario that has not been described and expanded upon. There are numerous activities to help you recognise and challenge your existing way of working.

Fiona Jukes
Spare Chair

not appropraite for modules or degree students

Mrs Louise Webber
Please select your department, Please select your institution
September 23, 2013

Great for initial reading

Mrs Clare Hallam
Health, education and social care, Barnet College
September 6, 2012

This book should be read by all teachers being supported by TA's as it will ensure they are being used to their best advantage.

Mrs Gwyneth Walsham
School of Teaching and Learning, Gateshead College
July 12, 2011

Pat Drake

Angela Jacklin

Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson's research interests combine theoretical and empirical work and focus on two main areas: the voices, experiences, rights and empowerment of children and young people; and the development of learning and professional knowledge through doctoral study and its enactment in practice. These interests developed from her experience as a classroom teacher in a range of secondary and special schools and from her experience of teaching on doctoral programmes.  She has been involved in a number of research projects both locally and nationally and have led several Pupil Voice projects in primary, secondary and special schools,... More About Author

Jo Thorp

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