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Battering and Family Therapy

Battering and Family Therapy
A Feminist Perspective

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312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A feminist psychological perspective on the treatment of battered women partners is taken by this volume, which offers a challenge to traditional family therapy intervention in family violence.

Experts on legal, ethical and practical issues propose alternatives to the family systems approach and address key areas such as: the psychological state of women who remain in violent relationships; current laws governing family violence; training therapists to recognize family violence; multiethnic perspectives on the problem; and the impact of abusive parental relationships on children. Specific guidelines for individual work with victims are also presented.

Mary P Koss
Michèle Harway and Marsali Hansen
An Overview of Domestic Violence
Barbara J Hart
The Legal Road to Freedom
Michèle Harway
Battered Women
Characteristics and Causes

Michèle Harway and Marsali Hansen
Therapist Perceptions of Family Violence
Maureen C McHugh
Studying Battered Women and Batterers
Feminist Perspectives on Methodology

Marsali Hansen
Feminism and Family Therapy
A Review of Feminist Critiques of Approaches to Family Violence

Marsali Hansen and Irene Goldenberg
Conjoint Therapy with Violent Couples
Some Valid Considerations

Elizabeth Register
Feminism and Recovering from Battering
Working with the Individual Woman

Edward W Gondolf
Treating the Batterer
Beverly J Goodwin
Psychotherapy Supervision
Training Therapists to Recognize Family Violence

Pearl S Berman
Impact of Abusive Marital Relationships on Children
Nancyann N Cervantes
Therapist Duty in Domestic Violence Cases
Ethical Considerations

Nancyann N Cervantes and Joseph M Cervantes
A Multicultural Perspective in the Treatment of Domestic Violence
Marsha B Liss and Geraldine Butts Stahly
Domestic Violence and Child Custody
Claire M Renzetti
Violence in Lesbian Relationships
Lenore E A Walker
Legal Self-Defense for Battered Women
Cynthia S Cooley with Kathleen Severson
Establishing Feminist Systemic Criteria for Viewing Violence and Alcoholism
Marsali Hansen and Michèle Harway
Intervening with Violent Families
Directions for Future Generations of Therapists


Marsali Hansen

Michele Harway