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T. N. Hari Heads HR at Bigbasket

T. N. Hari wears different hats—author, angel investor, advisor to VCs and CHRO Bigbasket, among others. 

He spent the first 14 years at Tata Steel. Of this, the first 11 years were spent in engineering on the shop floor. The next three years were in HR helping restructure the company to cope with post-liberalization challenges.

The next 18-odd years were with a string (five of them) of highgrowth start-ups. The first four saw successful exits (Daksh was acquired by IBM, Virtusa went public on NASDAQ, Amba Research was acquired by Moody’s and TaxiForSure was acquired by Ola). In each of these start-ups, Hari has been a part of the management team and played a key role in shaping their growth and exit.

In the last five years, Hari has been an advisor and sounding board to numerous young entrepreneurs and start-ups. He is a mentor at accelerators like Techstars, Silicon Road and India Accelerator. He is an advisor to Arkam Ventures (an earlystage VC fund) and Fundamentum Partnership (a growth-stage VC fund).

He is a prolific author and has authored six books so far.