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Bagai, Shobha

Shobha Bagai Professor, Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi

Shobha Bagai is currently a Professor at the Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. Professor Bagai completed her masters in 1989 and PhD in Mathematics in 1993 from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. She was a gold medallist from Panjab University in 1987 scoring 100% marks in Mathematics.

Having taught a myriad of courses—calculus, algebra, analysis, differential equations, mechanics, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics, linear programming—to undergraduate and postgraduate students for the past 22 years, she has been invited by a number of institutions to talk on various topics and applications of mathematics. She had also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at IIT Bombay (2002-2004) and a fellow in mathematics at the Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Delhi (2008-2009). Professor Bagai has published a number of research papers in reputed journals and has edited and co-authored a book on building mathematical ability. Along with her teaching and administrative assignments, she is actively involved in various projects with her students, many of which have resulted in undergraduate research papers.

During her free time, she enjoys doing puzzles that keeps her mentally active, dancing that keeps her physically fit, and nature photography that lets her enjoy the beauty of the nature