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Sejal Vora Corporate Trainer

Sejal Vora helps organizations communicate effectively with data. Her well-appreciated training workshops enable organizations to give a facelift to all forms of data communications by inculcating a data-storytelling culture. Her workshops garner strong interest from both individuals and large MNCs across financial and non-financial sectors.

Her data-storytelling talent displays a unique combination of skill sets, including analytical thinking, storytelling, visualization and writing, developed over the last 15 years through her strong education and experience.

An analyst at heart, Sejal has been telling ‘data stories’ through her research reports even before the terms ‘data storytelling’ and ‘data visualization’ were coined. A CFA and MS Finance (ICFAI), Sejal spent a decade in her investment research career with top financial services MNCs, including Morgan Stanley and RBS, offering extensive international exposure.

Through years of rigorous on-the-job training in the financial services sector, Sejal has developed a unique ability to find and communicate simple yet effective data stories from any type of data—quantitative or qualitative—from all types of businesses. You say ‘data’ and she pictures ‘stories’. 

Sejal’s current passion is to rid the world of data dumps!