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Sarah M. Klerk Education to Careers

Sarah M. Klerk is an expert of workforce development. In her work with Workforce Strategy Center, she helped communities develop career pathways. Prior to her work with WSC, Sarah worked at the Chicago Jobs Council to ensure access to employment and career advancement opportunities for people living in poverty. It was from Sarah’s work at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, where she conducted research on workforce, economic, and educational development and worked with community stakeholders to improve the economy through educational and workforce development, that she gained a passion for helping students understand the value of education. This was when she decided to develop Connecting the Dots Between Education, Interests, and Careers, Grades 7–10, which provides adults—teachers, educators, counselors—with engaging questions to stimulate dialogue with students about the connection among education, interests, and careers. Sarah earned her Master’s of Public Policy from the University of Chicago.