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Sarah Kovoor-Misra (President) University of Colorado at Denver, USA

Dr. Sarah Kovoor-Misra is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Colorado Denver. Since 1989, she has been studying and researching issues pertaining to organizational crises and organizational change. She has published numerous articles on crisis management that have focused on issues such as the attributes of a crisis (Kovoor-Misra et al., 2001), the causes of a crisis (Kovoor-Misra, 1999), online crises and crisis management (Kovoor-Misra and Misra, 2007), how organizations should and do prepare for crises (Kovoor-Misra, 1995; Pearson et al., 1997; Kovoor-Misra et al., 2000), barriers

to crisis preparedness (Kovoor-Misra, 1996; 2002), learning from a crisis (Kovoor-Misra & Nathan, 2000; 2002), and identity and reputation during a crisis (Fiol & Kovoor-Misra, 1997; Kovoor-Misra, 2007). More recently she has studied the relationships between leaders and followers during a crisis, and the effects of followers’ judgments that their leaders are responsible for creating the crisis situation on their learning,trust, organizational identification, sense of hopelessness, and emotional exhaustion (Kovoor-Misra & Olk

in press; Kovoor-Misra & Gopalakrishnan, working paper). She has also studied issues pertaining to identity, identification, trust, and emotional exhaustion during organizational change (Kovoor-Misra & Smith, 2008, 2011), and the similarities and differences between organizational change and organizational crises (Kovoor-Misra, 2007). In addition, for over 20 years, she has taught classes on crisis management, organizational change, leadership, and effective individuals and teams. She has also consulted with leading organizations in the public and private sectors, such as NASA, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Olin, BASF, and the Los Angeles Department of Power. She has been quoted in the Korn Ferry Institute Briefings on Talent and Leadership, and has been recognized by her peers as a significant contributor to the field of crisis management.