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Sandra Stahl Thought Leader in Public Relations Strategy

Sandra is a recognized thought leader in public relations strategy and audience connectivity. She has authored articles for AdAge, PRWeek, PM360, Pharmaceutical Executive, Fox News outlets, WomenEntrepreneur and the Journal of the American Dental Association, among others.

In her agency and corporate positions, and as co-founder of jacobstahl since 2003, Sandra has shaped communications AN INTRODUCTION TO SANDRA STAHL strategies and campaigns for companies of all sizes, from leading multinationals to start-ups, as well as non-profit organizations and academic institutions.

Sandra is considered especially valuable to her clients and colleagues for the creativity and stakeholder insights she brings to communications solutions and her ability to distil the complex into the manageable. She has extensive experience in brand, corporate and internal communications with a distinctive strength in developing narratives that contribute to relationships that matter.

Sandra is on faculty at the Brand & Integrated Communications graduate program at the City College of New York. She lives in New York and is married with three children.