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Wiers, Reinout

Reinout Wiers University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychology, the Netherlands

Reinout Wiers is Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, where he leads the Addiction Development and Psychopathology (ADAPT) Lab. He is (co)director of the University of Amsterdam’s Centre for Urban Mental Health. He is internationally known for his work on assessing and changing implicit cognitive processes in addiction. He has published over 400 international papers and many book-chapters and three books. With Alan Stacy, he edited the handbook of implicit cognition and addiction (SAGE, 2005). He received the prestigious VIDI (2002) and VICI (2008) research grants from the Dutch National Science Foundation (N.W.O.) for research on implicit cognition and addiction, and has been part of several European and international research consortia.