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Ranvijay Upadhyay Superintending Officer, National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Government of India, Faridabad

Ranvijay Upadhyay is a public servant with keen interest in contemporary developments in theoretical paradigms and practices of public administration in general and application to developing nations in particular. The author’s experience as a public servant credits him with the participant–observant perspective (the leitmotif of ethnographic studies in anthropology and other social sciences) that supplements the theoretical paradigm of ethics, integrity, and aptitude in governance in wider context and also specific to India.

Working with a premier organization that offers interactive window to observe, inquire, and study the rigmarole of daily life and impact of state policies and interventions on access to the life chances of citizens of different strata of society encouraged the author to adopt “consilience” approach to topics. The “consilience approach” in this book attempts to link facts and theories across relevant disciplines especially interlinkages of public administration with sociology, cognitive psychology, and philosophy to illuminate explanations.

The author also contributes articles and blogs to philanthropic and global peace foundations on global peace, nuclear disarmament, demilitarization, climate changes, and postmodern world order premised on neo-decolonization in the 21st century from the overbearing control of consciousness and human life by troika of culture, market, and technology. The author’s intellectual interest also centers on deciphering parallels in the theoretical underpinnings of postmodernist philosophy with the dominant sociocultural idioms of “pristine” Hinduism and other pagan traditions.

The author’s other areas of interest and research also lies in interdisciplinary developments in evolutionary biology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He has also reviewed books on public administration and public policy by SAGE. An avid yoga practitioner, the author also loves music, movies, and fiction in sparsely spare time. The views and opinions expressed in the book by the author are strictly personal.