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Pramod Deo Former Chairman, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, India

Pramod Deo, former Chairman of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), was electricity regulator for over 11 years both at the centre and Maharashtra state. Now he is active as an independent energy and environment adviser.

Deo has 35 years of experience in the energy sector at policy, regulatory and project management domains at both domestic—state and central government—and international levels. He was senior energy economist with the UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development, Denmark.

Deo is a recipient of the World Wind Energy Award 2005 from the World Wind Energy Association for his outstanding achievement in the dissemination of wind energy. Rich in academics with a postgraduate degree in Physics, PhD in Infrastructure Economics and postdoctoral research in Energy Policy and Economics, he has co-authored three books on energy planning, energy management and regulatory approach to green power.