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Per-Anders Svärd Örebro University, Sweden

Per-Anders Svärd earned his Ph.D. from Stockholm University in 2015, with a dissertation on the emergence of the modern animal welfare paradigm in Swedish politics. Since 2018, he is a Senior Lecturer in Social Studies at the School of Humanities, Education and Social Science at Örebro University.

Svärd's research has mainly been within the multidisciplinary field of critical animal studies, where he has studied ideological constructions of the human–animal relationship. His theoretical interests include animal rights philosophy and political theory, along with Marxist, post-structuralist, and psychoanalytical social theory.

Since 2007, Svärd has taught many university courses on political theory, theories of democracy, methods in social science, theories of power, textual and discourse-analytical methods, contemporary feminist theory, animal ethics, and critical animal studies. 

Per-Anders Svärd is also an Associate Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, co-founder and Section Editor for the open-access journal Politics and Animals, and a board member of The Centre for Marxist Social Studies [Centrum för marxistiska samhällsstudier].