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Patricia B. Campbell Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc.

Patricia B. Campbell, PhD, is the president of Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc. She has been involved in research and evaluation with a focus on issues of race/ethnicity, gender and disability for many years.  Formerly an associate professor of research, measurement and statistics at Georgia State University, Dr. Campbell is an Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Fellow and was awarded the Willystine Goodsell Award by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the Betty Vetter Award by the Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN).  Dr. Campbell has authored more than 100 publications including coauthoring Building Evaluation Capacity: Guide I Designing A Cross Project Evaluation and Guide II Collecting and Using Data in Cross-Project Evaluations; A Framework for Evaluating Impacts of Informal Science Education Projects, Good Schools in Poor Neighborhoods: Defying Demographics; Achieving Success“and The AAUW Report: How Schools Shortchange Girls.. Dr. Campbell’s websites include www, which provides easy to use tips to improve the quality of evaluations with diverse populations and which provides researcher and evaluators with tips and tools to more effectively communicate their diversity related research and evaluation findings to the media and the public. In addition Dr. Campbell participates in a variety professional activities include conducting educational evaluation and research training in South Africa and Uganda and serving as an expert witness in the Citadel sex discrimination case.