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Pam L. Warrick Silver Strong & Associates

Pam L. Warrick is a professor in teacher education, an international and national speaker in mathematics education (NCTM, NCSM , SITE and T3). Pam has elementary, middle school, and high school teaching experience in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and with the U.S. Department of Defense in Europe. Her awards include a 1990 State Presidential Excellence in Elementary Mathematics Award, 1991 State Presidential Excellence in Secondary Mathematics Award, and 1992 National Presidential Excellence in Secondary Mathematics Award. She is an author and researcher in the areas of mathematics education, parental involvement, and the effects of coaching on student achievement. She has been funded by NASA, NSF and No Child Left Behind grants to further the advancement of mathematics education for PK–12 students. She is one of the founding members of PDK International Chapter.