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Roman, Nicole

Nicole P. Roman San Diego State University

Nicole Pablo is a 2022 San Diego County School Counselor of the Year and a school counselor at two middle schools. Due to her expertise in utilizing data to create and evaluate systemic and site interventions, she was hired specifically to build the foundation for her district’s new middle school RTI counselor position. Nicole has trained in diverse schools at all grade levels across the nation on implementing a comprehensive ASCA National Model. As a school counseling leader, she has received the Escondido Elementary Education Association’s Educator of the Year Award (2017.) Collaboratively, Nicole has partnered with San Diego State University as a practicum site supervisor since 2011 and has supervised SDSU practicum site supervisors and students. As an adjunct lecturer, she has taught courses such as Practicum, Evaluations, and continues to teach Group Counseling. Nicole was formerly an elementary school counselor with experience in facilitating the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling (ESSC) federally funded grant to create a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program, where none previously existed. Her outcomes on the grant led to sustainability after federal funding ended. She presents her Tier 2 outcomes locally for her district and nationally at conferences such as the ASCA National Conference, National School Counselors Leadership Conference, and California Association of School Counselors Conference.