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Murali D. Nair University of Southern California, School of Social Work

Murali D. Nair, Ph.D., Senior Fulbright Scholar is a Clinical Professor and Co-Chair of Community Organization/Planning/Administration Concentration (COPA) at the University of Southern California School of Social Work. Prior to that Murali was a professor at Cleveland State University for 20 years, which included serving as the co-director of the Center for Healing Across Cultures and director of the School of Social Work. From there, he received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching, the Distinguished Faculty Award for Service, and the Multicultural Leadership Award. Columbia University, where Murali received his doctorate, recently inducted him into the institution’s School of Social Work hall of fame for his exemplary leadership in social work education and his exceptional professional achievements. Murali has co-authored four books with Ralph Brody, including Community Development; Grassroot Development: Establishing Successful Microenterprises, Service Learning (3rd edition); and Macro Practice: A Generalist Approach (9th edition).