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Maurice Roche University of Sheffield, UK

I took my first degree and my doctorate in Sociology (supervised by Prof. Ernest Gellner) at the London School of Economics in the 1960s and 70s, and I was a Lecturer there 1970-73. Since then I have been based in the Department of Sociological Studies at Sheffield University, except for a year in the Sociology Department at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada 1976-7. In the 1970s I worked mainly in the field of the philosophy of social science, phenomenological sociology and social theory (research Theme 3). Perspectives and issues from this early work have continued to inform and to be represented in my later work, particularly in terms of the analysis of time as a fundamental dimension of interpersonal life and social organisation. Since the 1980s there have been two main themes in my subsequent and current research and scholarly work: The comparative sociology and social theory of citizenship in European society The sociology of popular culture (sport events, cultural events, tourism culture) I have contributed actively to UK and international sociology in each of these interconnected areas. This ongoing work also includes studies of policy dimensions and applications. I currently teach two undergraduate modules related to these Themes, namely ‘The Sociology of Europe and the European Union’ and ‘Leisure, Sport and Society’. I have a strong record in terms of teaching and curriculum innovation, including leading the creation of a new Department of Journalism Studies in Sheffield University (1992-4), and also in university administration at all levels.