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McConchie, Liesl

Liesl Pykles McConchie

Liesl McConchie is a former secondary math teacher with nearly 20 years of experience training educators across the globe. She has partnered with over 300 schools to transform learning based on the science of what really improves achievement for all students.


McConchie joined pioneers in accelerated learning at SuperCamp for 10 years to design innovative curriculum for their 85,000+ graduates and train the instructors. She spent over three years in Denmark working within the Scandinavian school system, known for decades as one of the best in the world. She helped create a brand-new school, now awarded an Ashoka Change Maker School, drawing attention from education and political leaders across Europe.


McConchie continues to speak at conferences and partner with schools to create brain-based learning for students. Contact Liesl McConchie by email at: or visit her website at: