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Kristina Boreus Uppsala University, Sweden

Kristina Boréus is Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University, Sweden. She has studied ideology and ideological change, discrimination against migrants and racialized employees at Swedish workplaces, and right-wing populism in Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. Her publications in English include ‘Patterned Inequalities and the Inequality Regime of a Swedish Housing Company’ (with Ulf Mörkenstam, 2015, in Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies); ‘Nationalism and Discursive Discrimination against Immigrants in Austria, Denmark and Sweden’ (2013, in Wodak, R., KhosraviNik, M. & Mral, B. (eds) Right-Wing Populism in Europe, Bloomsbury Academic) and ‘Discursive Discrimination: A Typology’ (2006, in European Journal of Social Theory). She takes an interest in different kinds of textual analysis as method and theory and has published Textens mening och makt (with Göran Bergström, Studentlitteratur), a Swedish textbook that appeared in its third edition in 2012.