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Cook, Kristin

Kristin L. Cook Bellarmine University, USA

Dr. Kristin L. Cook, a former high school science teacher, is a Professor of Science Education in the School of Education at Bellarmine University. She received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Science Education and Environmental Sciences from Indiana University. Dr. Cook teaches courses in K–12 science methods and STEAM Education. In addition to teaching initial certification and advanced graduate classes, Dr. Cook serves as a professional developer and consultant for K–12 STEAM-focused school reform and project and problem-based learning development. Dr. Cook is actively involved in federal grants and research that focus on engaging learners and teachers with the community of science through the exploration of socio-scientific inquiry and transdisciplinary STEAM instruction. Dr. Cook co-wrote the Simplifying STEM: Four Equitable Practices to Inspire Meaningful Learning: PreK-5 and 6-12 books published by Corwin in early 2024.