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Kartikeyan V. Leadership and organization consultant, coach and facilitator

Kartikeyan V. is a leading Leadership and Organization consultant, coach and facilitator. With 20 years of experience in top management roles in human resources (HR) prior to his consulting, he has a significant appreciation of the challenges of the real world of executives working in volatile/dynamic contexts and structures. In addition, with his intimate engagement for over two decades with the ‘process-work’ movement in India, he imbues his work with a distinctive flavour of process-work technologies of understanding behaviour and the psychodynamics
of systems. He has worked with and facilitated several teams from diverse industries.

Kartikeyan is a fellow of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context. He is also a trained flautist and has performed Karnatik music in several concerts. The Transformative Alignment Map (TAM) was born out of his dream of finding a space of correspondence between Karnatik music and the fields of the behavioural sciences and organization development (OD).