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Osland, Joyce

Joyce S. Osland San Jose State University, USA

Joyce Osland, Ph.D. is the Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center at San Jose State University. In addition to founding the center, she also co-founded the innovative GLLab, which takes an assessment center approach to global leadership development. Joyce won her field’s highest teaching award based on her contributions to global leadership development and experiential learning. She is also a prolific, award-winning scholar with over 150 publications. Joyce co-edits Advances in Global Leadership and Global Leadership: Research, Practices, and Development. In addition to speaking, consulting and training at global companies, non-profits and universities, Joyce is a senior partner of the Kozai Group, which creates instruments that assess global competencies.  Prior to becoming an academic, Joyce lived and worked for 14 years in seven countries, primarily in the field of international development and training.