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John Howell Krantz Hanover College

John H. Krantz received his Psychology PhD from the University of Florida. After graduate school, he worked in industry at Honeywell on visual factors related to cockpit displays. In 1990, he returned to academia, taking a position at Hanover College. Dr. Krantz has done extensive research in vision, human factors, computers in psychology, and the use of the web as a medium for psychological research. He has been Program Chair and President of the Society for Computers in Psychology and Editor of the journal Behavior Research Methods. He was the first to develop Web experiments in psychological science and lead the way on techniques for sending multimedia via the Web. Dr. Krantz has served as a faculty associate for The Psychology Place, developing interactive learning activities and created psychology’s first global web site for the Association for Psychological Science (APS). In addition, he is an author on Cognitive Toolkit and PsychSim 6, and, finally, Sensation and Perception, Second Edition with Bennett L. Schwartz. Dr. Krantz is well known for his widely used online psychological experiments related to sensation, perception, and cognition. His current research is focused on using the Web for psychological research and modeling the visual system.