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Jillian D. Farquhar Southampton Solent University, UK

Jillian Farquhar PhD, is currently Professor of Management Research at Solent University and Research Associate at the University of Pretoria, having previously held a number of senior positions at UK universities.  She has published academic and practitioner articles, book chapters and authored two books centred around marketing strategies and research methods.

From a marketing perspective her work has mainly been on marketing in the financial services sector, in particular research issues related to branding.  She has also been editor of the major journal in that field – the International Journal of Bank Marketing currently with a special issue on sub-Saharan Africa in production.  She also sits on the editorial boards of the Service Industries Journal and the Journal of Financial Services Marketing. Her research in marketing is at the moment focused on negative aspects of branding and cross-cultural consumption.

An early interest in qualitative research methods has blossomed into an acknowledged expertise with visits to institutions all over the world to advise on research methods and how to publish with those methodologies.  Current investigations include triangulation and selection in qualitative research with articles forthcoming.

She has extensive experience of PhD supervision and examining, having managed PhD programmes in two UK business schools.  She is committed to ensuring a good student experience as well as instilling a thorough understanding of research methods.