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Jeffrey Paul Drury Wabash College, USA

Jeffrey P. Mehltretter Drury (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MA and BA, Northern Illinois University) is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric at Wabash College, an all-male liberal arts college in Crawfordsville, Indiana. As an undergraduate student, Drury competed in intercollegiate policy debate for four years before coaching the team as a master’s student. Since 2003, Drury has taught courses in argumentation and debate at four different institutions. His research, which considers representations of self and others in political argumentation, has appeared in journals such as the Western Journal of Communication, the Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric, and Voices of Democracy. In 2014, he authored Speaking with the People’s Voice (Texas A&M University Press), an analysis of the argumentative forms modern U.S. presidents use when they invoke public opinion in their nationally televised speeches.