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Hilde Reinertsen University of Oslo (Norway)

Hilde Reinertsen is a researcher at TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo, Norway. She is enthusiastic about exploring and teaching the great diversity of documents, historically and globally, their importance in our lives and in society, and the range of methods by which we can study and analyse them. Hilde has been particularly interested in studying documents within government and public administration, with evaluation practices as a case in point.

She currently leads a research project on the techniques, practices and infrastructures of evaluation and audit in Norway, entitled ‘Evaluation optics of the nation state: The past, present and future of public documentation (EVALUNATION)’. Hilde is a trained historian, has worked as a newspaper opinions editor and holds a PhD in science and technology studies (STS) from the University of Oslo.

Doing Document Analysis (SAGE, 2021) is the result of long-standing cooperation with Kristin Asdal. They have previously co-authored several journal articles and also a textbook in Norwegian on practice-based document analysis.