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Knapp, Herschel

Herschel Edmond Knapp Yeshiva University, USA

Herschel Knapp, PhD, MSSW, has more than 25 years of experience as a health care professional in a variety of domains.  In addition to his clinical work as a psychotherapist, primarily in hospital settings, he has provided project management for innovative implementations designed to improve the quality of patient care via multisite, health science implementations. He teaches master’s-level courses at the University of Southern California; he has also taught at the University of California, Los Angeles and California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Knapp has served as the lead statistician on a longitudinal cancer research project and managed the program evaluation metrics for a multisite, nonprofit children’s center. His clinical work includes emergency/trauma therapy in hospital settings. Dr. Knapp has developed and implemented innovative telehealth systems, utilizing videoconferencing technology to facilitate optimal health care service delivery to remote patients and to coordinate specialty consultations among health care providers, including interventions to diagnose and treat people with HIV and hepatitis, with special outreach to the homeless. He is currently leading a nurse research mentorship program and providing research and analytic services to promote excellence within a health care system.  The author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed health science journals, he is also the author of other textbooks, including Introductory Statistics Using SPSS (2nd ed., 2017), Practical Statistics for Nursing Using SPSS (2017), Therapeutic Communication: Developing Professional Skills (2nd ed., 2014), and Introduction to Social Work Practice: A Practical Workbook (2010).