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Gayle Letherby University of Plymouth, UK

Gayle Letherby is an honorary professor of sociology at the University of Plymouth and a visiting professor at the University of Greenwich. Alongside substantive interests in reproductive and non/parental identities; gender, health, and well-being; loss and bereavement; travel and transport mobility and working; and gender and identity within institutions (including universities and prisons), she has an international reputation in research methodology. Expertise in this area includes feminist and qualitative approaches and in auto/biography and creative reflexivity (with reference to data collection and presentation). Gayle is currently a coeditor of the SAGE journal Methodological Innovations and is in the process of editing the Handbook of Feminist Research for Routledge. In addition to her own research and writing, Gayle has significant experience in research mentoring and consultancy both within academia, for grant funding bodies and for HealthWatch UK. For examples of nonacademic writing and pieces written for general readership, see and