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Eric Louw University of Queensland, Australia

Eric Louw, School of Communication & Arts, University of Queensland, previously worked for a number of South African universities (University of South Africa, University of Natal and Rand Afrikaans University), and ran a NGO engaged in development work.

His books include: Media and Society: production, content and participation (SAGE, 2015), The Media and Political Process (SAGE, 2010), The Media and Cultural Production (SAGE, 2001), The Roots of the Pax Americana (MUP, 2010), New Voices Over the Air: The Transformation of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (Hampton Press, 2010), South African Media Policy (1995)and The Rise, Fall and Legacy of Apartheid (Praeger, 2005).

Louw has published widely in the fields of political communication, South African media and South African political discourse.  His current research is focusing on the transformation of South Africa.