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Emma Kell

Dr Emma Kell is director of Those That Can limited. She has almost 25 experience as a teacher and school leader and currently teaches in Alternative Provision, alongside her work as a facilitator, speaker, writer and coach specialising in staff wellbeing and home-school engagement. She is also a former Head of MFL. Emma is senior teaching fellow for the IoE, a Specialist Leader in Education, Teaching School Lead for an AP teaching alliance in Bucks. She works as an associate for the National Foundation for Educational Research and Education Support Partnership to support teacher recruitment and retention. She has written several articles and blog posts on school leadership and the joys and challenges of teaching, and has completed a doctorate on teacher well-being and work-life balance at Middlesex University. Emma is author of How To Survive in Teaching (Bloomsbury, 2018) and writes regularly for the TES and BBC Teach.