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Elaine Clanton Harpine University of South Carolina, USA

Elaine Clanton Harpine, Ph.D., is a motivational psychologist specializing in group-centered motivational program design.  She has 41 years experience designing and conducting motivational prevention programs for children and youth.  Dr. Clanton Harpine earned her doctorate in Educational Psychology, Counseling from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Clanton Harpine has published 14 nonfiction books, including Prevention Groups (2013), Group-Centered Prevention Programs for At-Risk Students (2011), Group Interventions in Schools:  Promoting Mental Health for At-Risk Children and Youth (2008). And No Experience Necessary! which received an Award of Excellence in 1995 and was selected as one of the top five children's books in its class.  Other published writings include a series on Erasing Failure in the Classroom, a series of ready-to-use group-centered program packets:  Vol. 1, the Camp Sharigan program (2nd ed., 2010) and Vol. 2, Vowel Clustering (2010).  The program packet for the Reading Orienteering Club (Vol 3.) is being released in 2013, and a new book entitled, After-School Prevention Programs, is scheduled to be released soon. 

Her research for the past twelve years has focused on using group-centered interventions with at-risk readers.  Dr. Clanton Harpine designed the motivational reading program called, Camp Sharigan, which she has used extensively in her work and research.  She also designed the Reading Orienteering Club after-school prevention program and 4-Step Method for teaching at-risk children to read.  Her research with these programs has been published in psychological journals and reported through presentations at the American Psychological Association's annual conventions.