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Denise M. Gudwin Florida International University, USA

Denise M. Gudwin is currently an adjunct professor at Florida International University and national consultant for the Bureau of Educational Research. She retired from Miami-Dade County Public Schools after thirty years of service, July 2008. Her past experiences in the fourth-largest school district include teacher, district curriculum support specialist, district instructional supervisor of Programs for Learning Disabilities, and district executive director, Office of Professional Development and Center for Professional Learning.

Denise is the author of four teacher seminar handbooks with the Bureau of Education and Research and A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Six Preservice Teachers: Implementing Oral and Written Retelling Strategies in Teaching Reading to Students with Learning Disabilities (2002 ERIC 466 869); she is co-author of the Phonological Awareness and Early Literacy Assessment (Wright Group), Professional Development: Assisting Urban Schools in Making Annual Yearly Progress (September 2007 - the Journal of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research), and A Qualitative Study of New/Early Career Special Education Teacher Retention in a Multicultural Urban Setting (Spring 2008 – Florida Educational Leadership Journal).

She is past president of Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Miami Chapter 121; newsletter editor, Florida Council for Exceptional Children (FCEC), and conference chair for the 2007 State FCEC Conference; and past president for FCEC Florida Division of Learning Disabilities (DLD).

Gudwin’s graduate work includes a master’s degree in reading and a PhD in education leadership with a focus on teaching reading to students with learning disabilities. Her areas of interests are literacy, student success, learning disabilities, teacher support, professional development, and research.