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Coggins, Debra

Debra Susan Coggins Professional Development Leader

Debra Coggins is a mathematics education consultant with experience advising districts, coaching teachers, and developing and delivering professional development. As a writer, she has helped develop a number of professional development programs for teachers of mathematics. These include creating CORE Math: Building Strong Foundations, assisting with the development of the Math Case Methods Project and Math Pathways and Pitfalls at WestEd, and coordinating the writing of America’s Choice Core Assignments. She was the lead writer of A Mathematics Source Book for Elementary and Middle School Teachers: Key Concepts, Teaching Tips, and Learning Pitfalls, a resource book for teachers and professional developers. Debra has presented at local, state, and national conferences, with a particular interest in strategies for supporting English learners, and the use of diagrams when teaching concepts related to operations and proportional reasoning. Debra currently assists the West Contra Costa Unified School District with mathematics intervention programs and Oakland Unified School District small schools with teaching strategies for reaching English learners in mathematics classes. Debra has 17 years teaching experience in grades K-12.