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Dahlia K. Remler Baruch College, CUNY, USA

Dahlia K. Remler is Professor at the School of Public Affairs, Baruch College, and the Department of Economics, Graduate Center, both of the City University of New York. She is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Dahlia has been in an unusual mix of disciplinary and interdisciplinary settings. She received a BS in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, a DPhil in physical chemistry from Oxford University—while a Marshall Scholar—and a PhD in economics from Harvard University. During the Clinton administration’s health care reform efforts, Dahlia held a fellowship at the Brookings Institution to finish her dissertation on health care cost containment. She then held a postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, followed by assistant professorships at Tulane’s and Columbia’s Schools of Public Health, prior to joining the faculty at Baruch. She enjoys comparing and contrasting how different disciplines see the same issues.

Dahlia has published widely in a variety of areas in health care policy, including health care cost containment, information technology in health care, cigarette tax regressivity, simulation methods for health insurance take-up, and health insurance and health care markets. She has also recently started working on higher education and media issues. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Health Affairs, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the American Journal of Public Health, Medical Care Research and Review, and many other journals. She blogs on health care policy, higher education and other topics at

Dahlia lives with her husband, Howard, in New York City, where they enjoy the city’s theaters, restaurants, and parks—and Dahlia enjoys being a complete amateur dancer in some of the city’s superb dance studios.