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D . Joel Whalen DePaul University, USA

Joel Whalen is Academic Director of the Kellstadt Center Sales Leadership Program at Chicago's DePaul University (since 1986). He is an Associate Professor of Marketing and holds a Ph.D. in Marketing Com­munications (Florida State University ‘86). Dr. Whalen has been listed by Who's Who in America and Men of Distinction, Cambridge, England. He is a Sales and Sales Management Fellow of the American Marketing Association. The Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Foundation named him Entrepreneur of the Year, and he is a member of the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Joel has received numerous awards for outstanding teaching.   After 10 years of study, experimentation, and innovation, in cooperation with companies, associations, and thousands of DePaul students, Joel discovered the core psychological, attitudinal, and behavioral drivers behind effective, professional communication. He created a series of exercises that have helped people become more masterful communicators. In workshops and classes throughout the U.S., Australia, and Thailand, Dr. Whalen gives thousands of people the tools they need.   Dr. Whalen has an extensive background in sales and advertising. As a salesperson and sales manager, he consistently set all-time sales records. Joel has received numerous advertising awards for creative television and radio commer­cials, including an award for one of the first television commercials created by a computer. In Florida politics, Whalen was communications advisor to several successful, statewide political campaigns.  

Dr. Whalen is the author of I See What You Mean, Sage Publications.
He has published articles in:  
 Psychology & Marketing
Journal of Business Research
Journal of Business Ethics
Design Management Journal
Journal of Educational & Psychological Measurement
Journal of Promotions Management

Joel has been interviewed by national and international press including:l       
NPR’s Marketplace
Advertising Age
Atlanta Constitution
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun Times
Christian Science Monitor
Financial Times of London
The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)