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Claire Largan

Dr Claire Largan, MA, PhD, is an Independent Research Consultant specialising in education policy and practice.

Claire’s career embraces UK and international contexts with its basis firmly within the realm of education, learning, teaching and research. Formerly a lecturer in education at University College Birmingham, Claire is now a successful research consultant working within the field of education policy and practice.

She began her career as an early years and primary school teacher before gaining significant international experience teaching overseas in international schools in Dubai and Taiwan and teaching on English programmes offered by the British Council in Dubai. As an experienced lecturer, she has developed, designed and worked on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and been an external examiner for well-known UK institutions.

With over ten years’ experience of teaching research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Claire has supported many students both in UK and international contexts, specialising in working with students undertaking secondary research projects. Her own specialised research expertise lies in the use of visual methods of data collection and she was awarded her PhD by the University of Birmingham in 2016 when she also received a Postgraduate Diploma in Research in Education.

Underpinning her rationale for co-writing this book is her substantial experience of working with learners from various levels of educational experience and diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Her rationale to co-write this research book was a desire to demystify secondary research processes and practice and to do this in an academic, informative, accessible and student-focused way and, specifically, one that draws upon visual approaches to communication.