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Christian Fuchs University of Westminster, UK

Christian Fuchs is professor at and the Director of the University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute. He is also the Director of the Westminster Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Westminster. He is editor of the journal /tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique/ ( and author of more than 300 publications in the field of the political economy and critical theory of media, communications and the Internet.

He is a member of the European Sociological Association's Executive Committee. As well as /Social Media: A Critical Introduction/ (2014), he is the author of /Reading Marx in the Information Age: A Media and Communication Studies Perspective on Capital Volume 1/ (2016), /Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media/ (2015), /Digital Labour and Karl Marx/ (2014), /OccupyMedia! The Occupy Movement and Social Media in Crisis Capitalism/ (2014), /Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies/ (2011), and /Internet and Society: Social Theory in the Information Age /(2008).