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Celeste P. M. Wilderom University of Twente, Netherlands

Celeste P.M. Wilderom (1956) is a full Professor of ‘Management & Organizational Behavior in the Private and the Public sector’ (University of Twente, the Netherlands). She obtained a Ph.D. from the State Universi­ty of New York, Buffalo (USA) in 1987. Her main research pertains to organizational service, leadership, change and culture. She is one of the three editors of the award-winning Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate (2000, Sage). A recent culture publication, co-authored with Ford and Caparella, appeared in the Journal of Strategy and Management (2008). Since 2003 she has initiated and co-chaired -within the annual EGOS meetings- the standing-work group on ‘Professional Service Organizations and Knowledge-intensive Work.’ Currently a senior editor of the British Journal of Management, previously she was associate editor of the Academy of Management Executive (now ‘Perspectives’) and the International Journal of Service Industry Management (now ‘Journal of Service Management’). For more information (including a list of publications) see