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Bernard C. Beins Ithaca College, USA

Bernard C. Beins is Professor of Psychology at Ithaca College. He is a past recipient of the Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching Award from the American Psychological Foundation. He is a Fellow of APA Divisions 2 (Teaching of Psychology), 3 (Experimental Psychology), and 52 (International Psychology), the Association for Psychological Science, and the Eastern Psychological Association.

He has served as president and as secretary of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. In addition, he was Director of Precollege and Undergraduate Education at APA and has been a member of APA’s Board of Educational Affairs and Council of Representatives. He is also a member of the test development committee for the Psychology test of the Graduate Record Exam and served as chair of the test development committee for the Advanced Placement test in Psychology.

Along with authoring textbooks in research methods and writing, Dr. Beins has participated in the APA’s National Conference on Undergraduate Psychology, the St. Mary's Conference, and the Psychology Partnerships Project. He founded the Northeastern Conference for Teachers of Psychology, which continues in conjunction with the New England Psychological Association convention. He was e-books editor for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology and editor of the Computers in Psychology section of Teaching of Psychology, and he currently edits the Teaching of History section of the journal History of Psychology.

Dr. Beins earned his bachelor's degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and his doctorate from City University of New York.