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Rosting, Anne

Anne Mette Rosting CEO and Founder, Natural Force, Norway

Anne-Mette Røsting is an intuitive visionary, philanthropist, and a changemaker. With a Masters of Business Administration degree, specializing in marketing and organizational management, she has over 15 years of experience in managing large international companies and mentoring at the Norwegian Business School. She is also a trained practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a technique that focuses on language and the processes that determine our behavior. Anne-Mette has been running her own consultancy, Natural Force, for the past 22 years, through which she coaches and provides guidance to business organizations. Her lecture “You always get what you ask for,” inspired by the thoughts surrounding the law of attraction, is very popular. It focuses on positive thinking and on how to understand and make use of the great resources that everyone has within them.

Anne-Mette is enthusiastic, committed, and ardently involved in what she does. An experienced public speaker, she is vibrant on stage and gets everyone, from all levels of business, to enjoy themselves. Anne-Mette also presents tailor-made lectures and courses on “change,” “communication,” and “joy of life.” Her book The Law of Possibilities is a best seller in Norway and has helped many people achieve their goals.

For all motivational speaking appearances, please contact For more information please visit LinkedIn Search: Anne-Mette Røsting Facebook: of Possibilities Instagram: annemetterosting Twitter: @mulighetsloven