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Amlan Datta Late of Economist and Educationist

Amlan Datta, an octogenarian scholar, is a well-known economist and educationist, and has held various positions such as Head of the Department of Economics and Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Calcutta, Vice Chancellor of University of North Bengal, Director of Gandhian Institute of Studies and thereafter Vice Chancellor of Vishwa Bharati University, Shantiniketan. Possessing a sharp incisive mind that belies his age, he is a prolific writer on economic, social, political and philosophical issues both in English and Bengali. He received the Vidyasagar Award in 1999. His articles in newspapers discuss current issues and are widely popular. Some of his books are: For Democracy; Perspective of Economic Development; An Introduction to India’s Economic Development since the 19th Century; Socialism, Democracy and Industrialization; Beyond Socialism and In Defence of Freedom: Exciting Times and Quiet Meditations.