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Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment
A Guide to Implementation

72 pages | Corwin
The concept of 'authentic assessment' is making an increasing impression in numerous classrooms in North America. Current testing programmes are being scrutinized to determine how to move beyond traditional forms of assessment to enhance student learning, understanding and application of knowledge. The authors of this detailed yet clearly written book provide essential information on how to develop and implement 'authentic assessment' programmes, including the involvement in the learning process of not only teachers, students and administrators but also parents and community members.
Jerry J Herman and Janice L Herman
Traditional Testing Practices Versus Authentic Assessment
Developing and Implementing an Authentic Assessment Program
The Teacher's Role in Authentic Assessment
Involving Students, Parents, and the Community in the Learning Process
The School Administrator
Leading the Way to Instructionally Sound Assessment


Cheryl Fulton Fischer

Rita M. King