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Assessment, Risk and Decision Making in Social Work

Assessment, Risk and Decision Making in Social Work
An Introduction

Second Edition

April 2024 | 232 pages | Learning Matters
As a practising social worker, you will need to be able to make sound judgments in complex contexts and when you are under pressure. This book covers the essential knowledge you will need to understand and develop skills in relation to professional judgement and decision making processes, including:

-        the use of assessment tools;
-        engagement in assessment and decision processes;
-        the context of risk, complexity and uncertainty in practice;
-        communication and management of risk within social care processes.
Part One: Introducing key concepts
Chapter 1: A framework for assessment, risk and decisions
Chapter 2: Involving individuals and families in assessment and decisions
Chapter 3: Assessing needs, risk and capacity: tools and processes
Chapter 4: Collaborating, communicating and managing conflict in making decisions
Chapter 5: Analysis in assessment
Part Two: Application to practice
Chapter 6: Legal and ethical aspects of assessment, risk and decisions
Chapter 7: Professional judgement and using knowledge in practice
Chapter 8: Safeguarding, protecting and eligibility for services
Chapter 9: Managing risk and positive risk-taking in planning care
Chapter 10: Reflecting on your professional practice

A useful introduction to the concept of risk - accessible for students as a first text

Ms Sarah Rowe
Dept of Behavioural & Social Sciences, Huddersfield University
May 28, 2024

Campbell Killick

Campbell Killick, PhD, is Lecturer in Social Work at Ulster University, Northern Ireland, where he teaches assessment and decision making on undergraduate (qualifying social work) courses and post-qualifying, post-graduate courses. He is Course Director for the MSc in Research Methods for social workers, service users, carers and others involved in social work services. Campbell’s research focuses on professional decision making particularly in relation to the abuse of children and adults. Campbell is Co-Founder and Deputy Convenor of the Decisions, Assessment and Risk Special Interest Group (DARSIG) of the European Social Work Research... More About Author

Brian J. Taylor

Brian J Taylor, PhD, is Emeritus Professor of Social Work at Ulster University, Northern Ireland. Professionally qualified in social work and teaching, he spent 10 years as a practitioner and manager, and then 15 years in training and organisation development in health and social care before joining the University. Brian was founder and principal organiser of the biennial conference series: Decisions, Assessment, Risk and Evidence in Social Work, 2010-2022. He has taught, researched and published on these topics, including being author on over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles. He has supervised about 20 PhD students, including some... More About Author

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