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Assessing Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Assessing Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Third Edition

June 2011 | 136 pages | Learning Matters
Assessment theory and practice forms an integral part of the knowledge and understanding required to achieve QTLS. This book is a practical guide and comprehensive introduction to this broad and complex subject area. The text includes chapters on the different types of assessment, feedback, recording, evaluation and inclusive practice and covers e-assessment. Interactive activities are included throughout to help trainees reflect on and develop their own views. This third edition includes coverage of new units of assessment for workplace assessors (TAQA).
Thinking about assessment
Diagnostic assessment, AP(E)L and ipsative assessment
Formative and summative assessment
Validity and reliability
Assessment methods
Recording and tracking assessment information
Equality or opportunity and inclusive practice
ILT and e-assessment

An excellent book which I would recommend for learners undertaking an assessor or IQA course.

Mr Justin Honey-Jones
Commercial Training and CPD, AoFA Qualifications
September 17, 2015

I found this book very useful to help new assessors on their course to acheiving their Award. It is very easy to read and with good explanations.

Miss Lisa m Evison
Teacher Training, Rotherham College of Arts & Technology
October 10, 2015

Interesting and informative text for educators in vocational training FET sector.

Miss Kate Mc Auliffe
Childcare, Cork College of Commerce
November 1, 2014

The book breaks down the topic into chapters that are accessible and reduces the need to read a whole book. The language is well gauged to its audience which makes it a recommended read to understand the subject.

Mrs Marcia Dewar
Sch of Education & Prof Development, Huddersfield University
August 9, 2014

This useful overview of assessment theory and strategies is a useful starting point following discussions on assessment.

Mrs Adele Sewell
tEACHER TRAINING , Bishop Burton College
July 21, 2014

As a trainee teacher this book is helping me to understand theories of assessment and how I can implement assessment in my teaching.

It is easy to read compared to some of the other books.

Miss Yeeman Lam
Childcare Department, Bishop Burton College
April 1, 2014

easy to follow. some good ideas. well set out.

Miss Jackie Rhoden
SEEYAC, Sheffield College
March 14, 2014

As a new teacher this book is helping me to understand theories of assessment. It is easy to read compared to some of the other books I have been reading around assessment.

Mr Oliver Johnstone
Public Services Department, Calderdale College
February 3, 2014

i found this book very useful, it is easy to read and straightforward explanations make skim reading it much easier. the content is useful but would recommend further research elsewhere if you need to research a topic in further detail.

Miss Lisa Holland
Education , Tameside College
January 11, 2014

Recommended for new assessors undertaking their TAQA courses. not too heavy and easy to dip in and out of

Ms Karen Freeman
BCPH, Northbrook College Sussex
August 19, 2013

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Jonathan Tummons is associate professor and deputy head of the School of Education at Durham University, UK. Jonathan researches, writes and teaches in a variety of fields relating to higher, further, and professional education, and his work has been consulted by qualification awarding bodies, further education colleges,  medical educators, Ofsted, and the OECD. More About Author

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