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Are you a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?

Are you a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?
100 Questions: How Competitiveness Influences your Life!

First Edition
  • Stephane Garelli - Professor, World Competitiveness, Institute of Management Development (IMD)

May 2017 | 232 pages | SAGE Response

Have you had questions for which you struggled to find the right answers? For example: Should I be a specialist or can I remain a generalist? Are good quality products always expensive? How does my salary compare with people in other countries? Are leaders born or created? Should political leaders be better educated or not? Is being ambitious a negative or a positive trait? There is a plethora of such questions that this book tries to answer in the most thought-provoking way. It is unputdownable and addictive. The author welcomes you into the world of competitiveness and takes you through a roller-coaster ride.   

Thirty years ago, the term competitiveness was virtually unknown. Today, it has become viral and has captured the world’s imagination. Politicians, businessmen, and media constantly refer to it. This book is an illustration of how competitiveness has changed the world and our lives by a professor who has pioneered research in this field. This book encompasses several original ideas that help to better understand how nations, companies, and people compete for prosperity. It features 100 questions answered in two pages each. The answers stress the impact of competitiveness in our daily lives using a jargon-free lucid style. 

Are you a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?
Are you as competitive as Usain Bolt?
Is competitiveness like playing snooker?
When was economics first recorded?
When was work rationalized?
Can we trust statistics?
Does economics have a moral side?
Did Darwin defend only the fittest?
Why care about growth?
What shape will the new economic cycles take?
Do we need the rich?
Can you be rich and useless?
Is boring competitive?
Is “societal capitalism” the future?
What are the roads to prosperity?
Have women been victims of the plow?
Is the world becoming less poor?
Where do our products come from?
Should we care about “Made in”?
Can China invent?
Are low wages necessary to be competitive?
Is the South becoming more competitive?
What products do the less poor need?
Is Africa the next Eldorado?
Are you part of the middle class?
Where does the new middle class come from?
Is the shadow economy useful?
Is tourism a false friend?
Should we fear international investments?
Should an economic strategy be aggressive or attractive?
What is the longest word?
When is a product more than a product?
Is quality expensive?
What are things worth?
Is there a future for small countries?
What is the recipe for a country’s success?
Do business leaders think?
Are we asking the wrong questions?
Is thinking dangerous?
Are you a born leader?
Should political leaders be better educated?
What makes a business legitimate?
Should managers receive honorary titles?
Does the learning organization exist?
How to avoid just doing more of the same?
Are specialists dangerous?
Should companies be in the countryside?
Do traditional sectors innovate?
Why do large companies disappear?
Who are your friends and who are your enemies?
Is ambition acceptable?
Is risk necessary?
Is failure the price of success?
What does a salesman who doesn’t sell look like?
Should we worry about details?
Do you need it or do you want it?
How can a good idea turn into a bad one?
Is austerity a vice or a virtue?
What is the legacy of corporatism?
Are you a neoliberal?
Can politicians decide quick?
Why should we be productive?
Is inflation addictive?
Can consumers also produce?
What do the Japanese think about?
Why is English so successful?
Do you belong to the third culture?
How do value systems evolve?
Are our children intelligent?
Is math dangerous?
Do you understand young people?
Is the new generation that bad?
How about parachuting a laptop?
Are inequalities dangerous?
Do we work too much?
Is water tomorrow’s blue gold?
Should we eat our dog?
How many friends do you need?
Are people easily deceived?
Famous or infamous on the Internet?
Are you mobile?
Should we get up at 5 a.m.?
Are you irreplaceable?
How to reinvent oneself?
Do you have market value?
Do you really need an office?
How should you dress at work?
Making a speech or speaking to people?
Does success have its own rules?
Can one be overeducated?
Are we honest?
Are you happy?
Were you born at the wrong time?
Are you hooked on digital?
Will you age alone?
Is divorce a good business?
Is there a future for handwriting?
Will paper disappear?
Is art a good investment?
Why not?
Index of Persons Quoted

“An absolutely delightful and insightful book on the fundamentals of competitiveness and capitalism! I really loved the innovative format of 100 nano chapters on different concepts of economic prosperity and their relevance to every walk of life”

Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth,
Charles Kellstadt Professor of Business, Emory University, USA

Stephane Garelli

Stephane Garelli is a world authority in World Competitiveness, having pioneered this new field of economics. He is Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness both at IMD business school and the University of Lausanne and the founder of the World Competitiveness Center. A former managing director of the World Economic Forum and the Davos Annual Meetings, he was also chairman of the board of the FF Sandoz Financial and Banking Holding and a member of the Constitutional Assembly of his local state in Switzerland. He is currently chairman of the board of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps and a member of the International Olympic Commission... More About Author

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